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About CARE

Experience CARE, a unique professional development program designed to be both relaxing and invigorating. Learn mindful awareness practices and emotional skills that support your wellbeing and enrich your teaching. Join us to bring new energy and joy back into your classroom.

The CARE professional development program applies experiential, didactic, and interactive learning activities to build educators’ social-emotional competence. Participants learn each program component, practice skills, and how to apply this learning to their classroom through a blend of direct instruction, practice and reflection.


Focused on educators: CARE focuses on educators’ social-emotional competence and well-being as a means to improve work satisfaction and retention. This approach enhances teacher-student interactions associated with student engagement, motivation, and academic learning.

Addresses critical needs: CARE addresses two critical problems in education today: teacher burnout/attrition and reductions in student engagement, motivation, and learning.


Backed by research: CARE is evidence-based. It has been studied in several rigorous studies examining its impacts on teacher, classroom, and student outcomes. What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) has evaluated and confirmed evidence supporting CARE. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends the program to promote educator well-being.

Click here for a CARE information flyer.

CARE can:

  • Improve SEL skills, engagement, motivation, reading competence, and academic achievement​ of students

  • Enhance emotion regulation, SEL skills and professional efficacy, mindfulness, and well-being of teachers

  • Reduce time urgency and psychological distress of teachers

  • Improve emotional support, positive climate, teacher sensitivity, and respect for students' perspectives within classrooms 


  • Reduce negative classroom climates within classrooms 

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