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Project ENGAGE

The CARE program targets teachers’ social and emotional competence and well-being as a means to improving teacher work satisfaction and retention and teacher-student interactions associated with student engagement, motivation, and academic learning. CARE addresses two critical problems in education today: increasing teacher burnout and attrition and reductions in student engagement, motivation, and learning.

About this project:

Project Objectives

The proposed project has three primary goals: Goal 1: Implement CARE PL program in 66 elementary schools located in Virginia and Kentucky. Goal 2: Achieve high-fidelity of implementation of CARE resulting in improved student motivation, engagement, and achievement. Goal 3: Build capacity of the district leaders to sustain the work following the grant period.

Why should your school participate?

  Benefits to Teachers:  

  • Promotes teachers’ emotion regulation and mindfulness 

  • Reduces psychological distress and time urgency 

  Benefits to Classrooms: 

  • More Emotionally supportive 

  • More productive 

  Benefits to Students: 

  • More engaged and motivated 

  • Higher levels of reading competence 

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