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During Project ENGAGE, the CARE program will be delivered to school staff in a two-day workshop presented in person and a one-day virtual workshop during the fall. Click here for a Project ENGAGE one-pager. 

More about Project ENGAGE

Project Objectives:

  • Goal 1: Implement CARE in 66 elementary schools in the U.S.

  • Goal 2: Implement CARE with high fidelity to improve teacher retention and student motivation, engagement, and achievement

  • Goal 3: Build the capacity of district leaders to sustain this important work

Student Benefits: 

  • Enhanced engagement and motivation 

  • Higher reading competence 

Teacher Benefits:  

  • Improved emotion regulation and mindfulness

  • Reduced psychological distress and time urgency 

Classroom Benefits: 

  • More supportive emotional climates 

  • More effective learning environments

School & District Benefits: 

  • Approximately $50,000 value in high-quality PD

  • Project ENGAGE aims to build divisions' capacity to continue delivering CARE using a train-the-trainer model

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