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Changes in Managing Emotional Reactivity after CARE

"The thing that has changed me the most has been just learning about the whole emotional process and how everything works because now, when my kids get upset, I don’t get upset. I’m just like, 'Okay, well, go take a break and come back when you’re calm,' and before that’s not what would happen." — Nadia

"I’m quicker to catch things coming out of my mouth or quicker to not react as fast which helps in the classroom…. I think it has helped me work through some of my ADHD tendencies of wanting to jump all the time, to think and be mindful of what and how I’m feeling and reacting."

Changes from Utilizing CARE's Mindfulness Techniques


"I know my (stress) elevator’s going up. Isn’t that what we said? Yeah. And I know I can’t just burst. I feel it, and I need to go back down before I do anything." — Gabrielle

"After going through CARE I just kind of got to a point where, not that I did not worry about things but that, I just took it with a grain of salt, I just took it as a new challenge, something I had to deal with. And that was it. It’s honestly that my perception of situations… the way I thought of it, my mindset changed. Like before, my mindset would start to get frazzled, I would overthink it… But then with CARE it became different, because that is just stupid to me, I just stop and breathe and think about I’m actually expected, being asked to do, and then realizing, “oh, it's not that bad.” (PFU122)


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