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CARE Components & Objectives

Emotion skills

  • Understand the concept of emotional intelligence.

  • Understand the connection between adult emotional intelligence and children’s social and emotional development and learning

  • Know the characteristics of socially and emotionally competent people as outlined by CASEL

  • Know the Four Resources as a conceptual framework to help develop emotional awareness and self-regulation skills

  • Know the dimensions of emotional experience

  • Understand how emotional experiences of the past can create “scripts” about the present

Mindful awareness and stress practices

  • Know definitions of mindfulness and interpersonal mindfulness as they are applied to the CARE model. 

  • Understand the Wheel of Awareness, a visual interpretation and conceptual framework of how to apply mindful awareness to experience

  • Know how to engage in a variety of mindful awareness practices

  • Understand the purposes of a variety of mindful awareness practices

Compassion practices

  • Know how to listen mindfully with acceptance and openness

  • Observe emotional experiences that occur while they are speaking or listening to others

  • Cultivate feelings of being loved and extending feelings of love to others

  • Know how to apply mindful awareness practices to challenging emotional experiences in the classroom

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